Author Guidelines


All manuscripts submitted to The journal of Pakistan Orthopaedic Association (JPOA) should be written in a sequence, i.e., title page, abstract and key words, text, acknowledgment (contributors who do not meet the criteria for authorship), Disclosure(if any), references, tables (each on separate page) and legends. Page number should start from the title page.

  • The manuscript should be written in New Times Roman 12 fonts, typed in double space with clear margins on either side. No bold fonts, capital letters, color or underline sentences are allowed.
  • The Journal of Pakistan Orthopaedic Association (JPOA) does not issue acceptance letter for the manuscript only manuscript is acknowledged once received.
  • Once authorship certificate is submitted no further changes in the author’s list is allowed.
  • All authors are directed to submit letter of Undertaking signed by all authors and approval letter from Ethical Review Board(ERB) or Institutional Review Board(IRB) of the hospital and questionnaire/research proforma along with manuscript otherwise manuscript will not be processed.
  • The editor has the right to do necessary changes in the manuscript during the final editing of the manuscript.
  • All correspondence should be done at &
  • RCT must have Trial number from DRAP or abroad
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