Peer review

Journal of Pakistan Orthopaedic Association (JPOA) use double blind review, where both the reviewer and the author remain anonymous throughout the peer review process.

Reviewers are asked to evaluate the manuscript on JPOA Peer Review proforma assessing the various aspects of research work like:

  • Ethical guidelines
  • Is results supports the conclusions
  • Significant contribution to Existing Knowledge
  • Content of the paper is original and timely
  • Coverage of the subject is complete and well organized
  • Adequacy of Literature Review
  • Data are valid and research methods are appropriate
  • Conclusions are valid and properly
  • Paper is useful to practitioners
  • Paper is useful to researchers
  • Free of sensitive statements advocating special interests, advertising, and government policies and programs
  • Abstract conveys the meaning of the paper
  • Written in simple, concise, and effective language
  • Long-term value as a research reference or as a description of practice
  • Use of Figures and Tables is appropriate
  • References Checking

Each manuscript is sent to minimum of 02 peer reviewers. The reviewer is requested to review the manuscript within 2 weeks time. The manuscript is then send to author for revision as per reviewers comments. The revised manuscript is again sent to peer reviewer for second round of review.