Awareness Regarding Clubfoot in Parents

Nusrat Rasheed, Itaat Hussain Zaidi, Naseem Rasheed, Gada Hussain


Objective: To assess awareness and knowledge regarding club foot in parents of children with clubfoot.

Methods: This cross sectional study was conducted in Dow University hospital among 105 parents of children who have club foot and were either under treatment or at the completion of treatment. Using a well-designed questionnaire face-to-face interview of the parents was done. Research team members themselves got the questionnaires filled

Results: 113 parents participated in the study. Out of them 86(72.3%) knew that what is clubfoot, 46(38.7%) replied that they don’t know what actually the clubfoot is. Regarding use of Internet for medical problems, 80 (67.2%) replied that they don’t use Internet whereas only 30(67.2%) uses Internet for information regarding health issues. When the parents were asked that how they came to know that club foot is treatable and by whom they were referred to our center, 74(62.2%) were referred by the parents, 25(21.0%) by gynecologist, 9(7.6%) and 5(4.2%) by paramedical staff and health workers when the respondents were asked regarding any information through television and newspaper 105(88.2%) replied that they don’t get any information whereas only 8 (6.7%) replied positively. Only 2(3%) respondents said that they have attended seminar regarding clubfoot whereas 111(97%) said they have never attended the same. 92(77.3%) respondents said that they didn’t get any information regarding clubfoot by any health workers whereas only 20(16.8%)got information from public health workers.

Conclusion: Clubfoot is a common congenital foot anomaly but due to lack of awareness it has been neglected resulting in a lifelong disability. It is a need of hour that awareness regarding club foot should be increased and health care providers should make good communication with parents so that they could understand what is the problem, how it will be managed and how long to keep in follow up in order to avoid recurrence.


Key Words: Clubfoot, Ponseti technique